We put financial anchors in place to help secure your family’s future.

We offer our clients a Tactical Investment Strategy including:

  • ACTIVE PROFESSIONAL Money Management
  • Constant Attention By A Professional Manager
  • Flexibility To Use Multiple Asset Classes
  • Trends And Indicators, NOT Timing
  • Ultimate Asset Protection: Cash
  • Asset Preservation & Asset Appreciation

Taxes impact everyone on some level.  The question we must answer is: “Do we believe taxes are going to go up, down or stay the same?’  With our innovative tax-free income strategies, you can have a more secure retirement knowing your tax burden will be reduced, which results in your retirement money lasting longer.


Meet Stacey Andres

Stacey Andres has been helping retirees and pre-retirees since 2010 develop a plan to ensure they have an anchored, secure “second life.” Making the move from teaching others how to make money trading stocks, to helping people develop a solid plan for life during retirement was a significant change. He says, “I worked with so many clients in my former line of work whose plan for retirement failed because the 3 biggest risks to a secure retirement were not addressed. I knew there had to be a better solution and I was determined to find it.” Stacey is Series 65 licensed, one of the only Securities Licenses requiring a fiduciary responsibility to the customer.

He specializes in lifestyle planning with an emphasis on tax efficiency and lifetime income. Along with the Series 65 he received his National Social Security Advisors Certification and uses what he has learned about Social Security to educate his clients on the best claiming strategies to help maximize retirement income.

He has found that many people when it comes to making major decisions have some very serious concerns.  They are concerned about running out of money in retirement.  Often they are frustrated with trying to figure out what they need to do to create the most efficient income stream form their portfolio that will keep up with inflation and cost of living adjustments.  And, the greatest fear that comes up is, what if another 2008 comes along?  While it may not necessarily wipe them out, it could knock them down to the point where life in their elderly years is not what they had envisioned and what they had spent their life striving to achieve.

This has led him to take an educational approach where teaches clients how to mathematically redesign their portfolio, using just a few simple steps to better position themselves against losses, increase the likelihood that they never run out of money, set up their income so it automatically gets bigger over time regardless of what is going on in the stock market and it works to preserve their principal balance throughout retirement with built in liquidity and flexibility along the way.

Stacey has been married to his wife Michelle for 23 years and they have three wonderful children, Theoron(18), Shaley(17) and McKenna(15).